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To access MINUTES, AGENDAS, DOCUMENTS, and FORMS, click on the Board or Department you are looking for to the left, and then click either "Minutes", "Agendas", or "Documents". Not only are you able to look at the current information but you will be able to search past agendas, minutes, and documents for specific meeting detail. You can now sign up for Email notifications of any new documents being uploaded by selecting "Email Notification" and registering your account. From there, you can select specific Boards or Departments to follow and stay up-to-date. If you have any questions or require assistance please contact Michael Blanchard, Assistant Town Administrator, at (508) 230-0513.

524 Depot Street Master Plan Development Team

Affordable Housing Trust Board

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Audit Committee

Board of Appeals

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Board of Health

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Cable Advisory Committee

Capital Planning Committee

Cemetery Commission

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Commission on Disabilities

Community Preservation Act

Conservation Commission

Council On Aging

Cultural Council

Department of Public Works

Easton Housing Authority

Economic Development Council

Finance Committee

Green Communities Committee

Historical Commission

Human Resources Board

Human Rights Committee

Library Board of Trustees

Local Historic District Study Committee

Marijuana Policy Advisory Committee

Master Plan Steering Committee

Planning and Zoning Board

Proposed Zoning Amendments

2015 Proposed Zoning Amendments

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Special Act Charter Committee

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Resources for Board and Committee Members

Town Meeting Final Warrants

Town Meeting Warrant Drafts

Town Meeting Warrant Results

Water Commissioners

Welcome to Documents-On-Demand

In an attempt to better serve the residents, we have created a searching tool that will allow you to view AGENDAS and MINUTES. Not only will you be able to look at the current meeting information but you will be able to search past meetings for specific meeting detail.


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